Gmail is full – what to do? Don’t panic!

Are you wondering what to do if your Gmail account is full? When you made this account, you were sure this account will never get filled but today is the day you are stuck with several GB of your valuable emails and conversations in your Gmail.

Don’t Panic, you have a few options that you can exercise at this point. Read on for both free and paid options to increase space in your Gmail account without losing any data.

Gmail Full

First problem at hand is, that your Gmail is bouncing incoming emails and it’s also not lettingĀ  you send any email messages. You can gain some breathing space by deleting your trash items, deleting spam and even deleting some old newsletter emails etc. But it is important to solve the big problem. Here are the possible solutions:

You could choose one of the following options to make it happen.

1.– You can buy more storage in Gmail buy paying very nominal fee and get more space. Click here to read how to get more space in your Gmail by purchasing storage space.
2.– Transfer all your emails to another Gmail account. Click here to see how?
3.– Download all emails to your computer. Read this tutorial to learn how to do that.

I’m sure one of these options will be helpful.