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Duddoo aur Dhobi – First step in the right direction

  Like any other parent having a young child, my worries are beginning to rise as my son hasĀ  access to media, music, cartoons, games, entertainment and education that is either in a foreign language or it’s localized in an incorrect way. While it is great to access English, Spanish and French content, there has […]

Facebook completely translated to Urdu

. Look what I got in my notifications on Facebook today. Facebook says it has been completely translated into Urdu and now just some fine tuning is needed. Makes me proud as an Urdu speaker. Users who have opted to help Facebook in translations get such messages and you can either translate untranslated phrases and […]

Transliteration at its best, Google does it again.

I just stumbled upon this page on Google Beta labs that offers indic transliteration for several languages. The languages supported by this tool include Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. All of us have grown up using Internet in only one language. Now is the time, things are changing […]

Facebook is available in 57 languages now!

As discussed in our earlier post about Facebook Translations, Facebook is using community/society effort to get the social network translated completely. Today Facebook announced with the following message that its available in 57 languages. This means that Facebook family has completely translated the site in 57 languages already. Following is the list of supported languages: […]