Duddoo aur Dhobi – First step in the right direction


Like any other parent having a young child, my worries are beginning to rise as my son hasĀ  access to media, music, cartoons, games, entertainment and education that is either in a foreign language or it’s localized in an incorrect way. While it is great to access English, Spanish and French content, there has been a big gap when we talk about Urdu content, especially in interactive education, games, cartoons, stories and edu-tainment apps. No I do not like my son watching Hindi content, that is not Urdu beware. There have been several serious efforts like ToffeeTV to fill the gap but we need to speed up the efforts now.



Jugnoo Media from Lahore has taken a great step and I’m sure it’s the first step in the right direction. Duddoo aur Dhobi is an Urdu mobile app that features an interactive environment for toddlers and young kids to interact with. The app is based on a poem that walks the “Duddoo” through different phases of the story. The best thing about the app is the interactivity. Almost everything on screen is interactive while you enjoy the poem. You can poke the sun, play with the trees, touch the characters and items and they all will respond. The color scheme is super attractive for the kids and obviously the fun poem-song is the heart and soul of the app.

The app is avilable now on iTunes for download on your iPhone and iPad and Jugnoo media has promised to release it on Android as well. Instead of me telling you the rest, launch app store and download the app now.

Following are some of the screenshots:


More information:

* Jugnoo Media

* iPhone App Link

* iPad App Link

* iTunes link to the sound track