The positives of COVID19

A lot has been said about the pain and troubles COVID19 has caused worldwide. No doubt its a natural calamity for everyone and nobody alive has seen anything like this before but I will be talking about all the good things that are caused by this pandemic and how it has effected everything around us in a positive way.

There are several Positive effects of COVID19. Some of them are as obvious as the sunshine in the morning but some of them we have still not noticed though we are living through them day in day out. So let’s try to list down these benefits, positive changes, good learning or positive vibes that have entered our lives and environment around us due to COVID19. I don’t think this list is in any particular order.

Please feel free to to suggest anything I’ve missed.

  • Staying home, more time with family and loved ones
  • Staying in touch, even with those you didn’t contact for long
  • More time with friends, real friends
  • Less traffic on the road
  • Less trains moving
  • Less flights in the air
  • Less fuel burnt worldwide
  • Less pollution
  • Less time wasted traveling, traffic jams and searching for parking
  • More time to contemplate, think, pray
  • Less spending, only spending money on bare minimum
  • Going back to traditional ways of entertainment in some cases
  • More time cooking
  • Better utilization of time in general
  • More time to exercise and involve in healthy activity
  • Avoid junk food and drink
  • More book reading
  • Do your own cleaning, dishes, cooking
  • Indoor workouts and exercises, you really don’t need a gym usually
  • Better overall use of technology
  • Things going online
  • Actually conducting online education including online schools and universities
  • E commerce and its higher adoption
  • Online groceries
  • Online Food delivery – the real use of technology
  • Countless benefits of working online
  • Better ways of entertainment, both online and offline
  • Sense of connection to people and neighborhood
  • Connecting back to the nature, bird watching, trees grass and more
  • A lot of community volunteer help with ideas to stay healthy, entertained and busy
  • Parents collaborating to keep their kids positive through COVID19 lockdown
  • Making impossible things possible
  • New ways of running governments
  • Most efficient use of means of communication
  • Realizing the value of trivial things and possibilities when they are gone
  • Recognizing and appreciation of every professional around us
  • Giving time to nature to be itself
  • The power of humans to be humans, helping one another in amazing ways
  • Realizing the pains of poverty, sickness and suffering around us and finding ways to improve them
  • Wars are not the best thing to continue
  • Borders are just in our minds
  • The power of learning, making real use of technology – by everyone

Lets not stop here, lets continue to add more to this list. We are no doubt in a transition from a pre COVID19 to post 2020 era. The life and the world will be very different when we come out of it. I’m sure most of us will actually get through this. No doubt there’s a lot of pain and death and suffering involved. We all can join hands (not literally), work together and live through this.

Stay home, stay safe!

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