Think no evil

If you feel like killing your boss
You like an expensive item in a shop so much that you wish you could steal it
You feel you could hijack the plane and could fly to your hometown now,

don’t think that way.

Now someone can read your mind and can convict you of thinking so bad. Were’nt you planning a criminal act in your mind?

Well, US security departments are working on this science project and the test results are promising. In public places like airports, security scanners will read your pulse rate, skin temperature, facial expressions and breathing rates and can detect you as a person who may commit a crime in the near future.

So keep your thoughts straight and dont mess with those you don’t like even in your thoughts.

Does that remind you of a movie?

See the news post here.

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  1. Shayari Sms

    It is truly a headache when i don’t find something which i was looking for. Especially with bing search engine I think they are just become crazy. Atleast i found your blog and got to read what i was searching for. Thank you

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