This site will guess the song for you!!

Hum the song and you get it!

How often did it happen to you? I remember the tune, a few words out of a song but I don’t remember the song, who sung it, where can I find it? Come on, I’m even ready to buy a CD or download it from iTunes. Can somebody help me with that? You look odd humming at your coworkers for help and it gets worse when others cant recognize the song after your

Here comes the savior. I just came across this amazing service named midomi that allows you to hum the portion of a song and will possibly come up with the results. No doubt, the results are better than my expectations. Before I started typing this post, what I simply did was:

  1. I went to
  2. Clicked on the button that says “Click and sing or hum”
  3. I hummed the song “Duur” by “Strings” for only 15 seconds or so
  4. What I see as result is as follows …

OMG!!! This is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

How does it work? Lets take a closer look. The voice you record for searching is broken into samples comprising higher and lower notes within that few seconds clip. This recording is searched against the samples stored in the database for similar patterns. As a result, some probable results are listed for review. You can simply play the clip and see if it is the one you were looking for.

It is more of a community effort as far as I can see, as most of the search results are not the real song but clips either played or sung by site users. In addition to the clip, you can upload more information about the song. This will make more sense when your uploaded clip shows up in the search result.

No doubt its an innovative service and has a lot of potential. And if you have an iPhone, you can carry it around with you. Midomi iPhone app is available for free.

Once you have found the song, you can play the clip, play all the clips that match, and if they do, you can even buy the song. When I clicked the “Buy” link, it gave me two options, i.e buy from amazon or download from iTunes.

Only one complaint. Why its not out on other phones? Why only iPhone? 🙂

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