Those who die, live forever on social networks

Recently, a very dear friend of mine passed away and left us for ever. A very young and a very nice guy. Like most of us, he was an active user of online social networks as well and had an account on Facebook as well. As soon as he died, everyone on his friends’ list started posting content on his profile and soon his wall became a huge memory board and prayer room.

When I’ll die, I’ll leave an online account on Facebook as well?

This is a question that we all have to ask ourselves. No, I’m not telling you to delete your accounts. I’m pointing you to a service by Facebook that lets you report that a person is dead. Once Facebook is sure about this fact, they will mark the person deceased, will disable his account so that nobody gains control of it even if they have his password and only the friends he or she added when alive will be able to view the deceased’s virtual wall. So if you have anyone in your family or friends who is no more with us, please visit this link and report deceased and the account will be memorialized.

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