Track Santa’s Location on your mobile

Hey kids, now you can track Santa’s location and view it no map right on your mobile phone. The famous Santa Tracker app is now available on all popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablets, Windows Mobile and more. You can track Santa’s location usingĀ  your mobile Phone’s GPS and special satellite equipment that this app uses to track his location. The app also features a Christmas countdown clock that ticks every second to the Christmas eve and a direct link to Santa’s inbox so that you can write messages to Santa and get responses from him.

You can download the app from one of the following links.

Download Santa Tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download Santa Tracker for Android phones and tablets

Download Santa Tracker for BlackBerry Mobile phones and Playbook Tablets

Download Santa Tracker for Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Mobile 8 phones and tablets.