Two new add-ons to Google Latitude

Two more simple but useful add-ons to google maps + latitude are available now. Google latitude allows its users to share their current location from their mobile devices with his/her friends. So far, it was only possible to share your location with other latitude users. Latitude has gone beyond that point now.

Recently, Google has launched two add-ons to latitude service that allow users to:

1. Share their current location on their google talk (Google Talk Location Status (beta))
2. Share their current location with the whole world in form of an embeddable tag that users can use on blogs, discussion groups or put on their websites etc.(Google Public Location Badge)

The simple tool changes your Google talk status to your current location. For that you have to: 
1. Install and run Google Maps and Latitude on your mobile.
2. Login using your google account on latitude on your mobile
3. Go to the add-in’s site.
4. Enable sharing

That’s it, you are done.

Following video shows you exactly how to do that…

If you are already using latitude to share your location with friends, you can simply go to this Public Location Badge site and enable sharing. This will give you the embed code that you can put in your site/forum/blog and display your location to the world. Following videos shows how:

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