UConnect – Put all your files on the cloud

Go computing out there on the road with UConnect

Uconnect is probably the most revolutionary VAS that Ufone’s released ever, not only because of its feature set but its relation with the evolution of computing that will altogether transform the way we use computers and information today. The experts claim that all your computer resources that you can conceive today and can predict for tomorrow will all reside on the cloud in not so distant future. Actually we are already there with several tools emerging online.

Uconnect is our telecom sector’s contribution to the evolution. Using Uconnect, you can put all your files on the cloud and can access them anywhere, anytime using your cellphone. You can perform basic file management operations on most popular file types that we use on our PCs. You can view, send, receive emails and can even shut-down your PC remotely.

They say, a picture is better than a thousand words and I say, a video is better than a thousand pictures. So go-ahead, watch this video that shows how UConnect works. And if you decide to sign-up, simply SMS SUB to 292 and start enjoying UConnect.

Following is UConnect’s features list :

  • Put and access your files on the cloud and make them always-accessible.
  • Supports doc, xls, ppt, pdf, jpg and other popular formats that you can view right on your wap browser.
  • Access one or more of your machines’ file system live (obviously when your PC is online).
  • Cut/copy/paste/delete files remotely both from the cloud and your machine.
  • Basic PC tasks like restart, shut-down, sleep and hibernate can be done right from your phone
  • Last but not least, use PUSH EMAIL on up to 5 of your email accounts. This all works on SMS. You get SMS for each incoming email and you can read and reply emails.

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