Using a Bluetooth Headset

Another item out of my goody bag is a Nokia BH-902 Bluetooth Headset. I’ve always been using headsets especially while driving with all my cell-phones, but this time its different because:

  • I’ve always used a stereo head-set that serves both for music and calls and fits in both my ears
  • I’ve always used a wired headset that keeps tangling while driving
  • I’ve been using smart-phones all the time, they need more attention when used, so they’ve been complicating things when being used while driving.

This new headset is great because:

  • One of my ear is free and I’m more in touch with the voices around me while driving
  • There are no wires messing things up. (I wont accidentally pull a wire to throw off my phone etc.)
  • Things stay simple while driving. I dont have to dig down the menus on a cell phone to make a call, don’t have to look down to read something on the phone screen to reply to a missed call. This headset is more of a sub-phone in a sense. It provides recent calls on its own mini-screen and you can dial, reply even voice dial someone, right from the headset.
  • Thankfully, as I am a user of 2 cell-phones at a time, this headset will connect to both (one at a time) and switching is as simple as a button press. So my phones stay away from my ear, I have both my hands free and my headset rests on my ear.

Well, what happened to the music and stereo? I cant listen to the music on this for sure, but I think its better for calling while driving, keeping your one ear open. (& yeah, i’ve got another toy for my music needs, I’ll write about it later).

I did not expect it to be that way, but I’m falling in love with BH-902 🙂

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