Warid too? Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Recently Warid launched their pre-paid brand named “Glow”. I think its a great idea to attract more youth toward their products, but wait a minute. I’ve seen that ad somewhere else before. What was it?

Marketing department at Warid has done exactly what we have been blogging about for Zong. Zong’s print media ad and a television ad was so inspired by other pieces of art that they actually copied it as-it-is.

Now if you see Warid’s Glow ads, you’ll see colorful shadows of young people dancing and hopping on a black background. Now go to Google’s image search and type “iPod ad” and hit search. You’ll see bundles of results that look exactly like “Glow” ads.

Thanks to my friend who sent me above photo.

What do you think, its an inspiration or plagiarism?

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