Watch Hajj TV transmission live online

**Update 5/11/11** To watch Hajj 2011, please CLICK HERE

Hajj Mubarak to all Muslims around the world. If you are one of those who are looking for a stream to watch Hajj 2009 Transmission online, I’ve found a good link for you. To watch this transmission you need to have Real Player installed on your system. If you dont have a real player, simply download it from here.

To watch the transmission either visit this site or CLICK HERE after you have installed the real-player on your system. Please note that this transmission is in English, unlike the Saudi TV where you only get to hear Arabic commentary. This feed is from Huda TV that is based in Jeddah.

While you watch this hajj transmission live online, please do pray that Allah Almighty forgive us and calls us again and again to be part of the Hajj again and again. Hajj is probably the largest gathering of people on earth that is repeated every year.

Today is the day of Arafah, tonight the pilgrims will spend their nights in Muzdalifah and will return to their tents in Minah. Stoning of Jamarah and Tawaaf of the Holy Kaaba …. its all happening there and as I was unable to go this year, I’m watching it live online.

O Allah, Pardon us!

One of the feeds, I’m trying to embed here as well. If you have appropriate media player installed, you’ll be able to watch it all live here:

Live Feed from Saudi TV – Hajj Transmission , 2009, Arabic Language

***** UPDATES *****

The link above, like other online tv links is not very reliable. You can also try following alternate sources to watch Hajj online – live.

Saudi TV 1 – Arabic
A live feed on Forum Pakistan

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