Widsets no more, its Nokia Ovi store

First Mosh and now Widsets, merge and become Ovi store. Ovi store is Nokia’s application store that hosts applications, games, themes, content and more for Nokia S60 and S40 devices. Widsets has been an application that allows users to download and add widgets that eventually run inside widsets application. Widsets has no doubt been very popular at least as an rss reader and content delivery platform for mobile users. This move of merging Widsets into Ovi store will definitely give Ovi-store a head start and alot of users will migrate from widsets to Ovi-store. Following apple store’s success story, a big number of mobile app stores have sprung up including Ovi and Blackberry store. The transition from widsets to ovi-store will take a month or so to complete and from 1st June, widsets users will lose their current accounts and they will have to sign-up for ovi accounts.

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