Yahoo Briefcase closing down, another victim of economy?

Yahoo briefcase is closing down. This is one of several emails I have recently received about the services closing down. Well, I can expect it from the start ups that are not doing good business but a company like Yahoo, its really unexpected.

I have been a frequent briefcase user for so many years and I loved that service. Its tight integration into Yahoo Photos was also something I loved, but this service got the first blow when Yahoo Photos closed down. That was okay, because Yahoo had acquired Flickr and Flickr was now becoming Yahoo Photos. So technically it was an upgrade. But this time its a close down. I don’t see an alternate service being offered by Yahoo.

The email says that you have whole month of March to download all your files. The service is closing down for both free and paid members. Paid premium members will be refunded with their rest of the membership fee.

Now my questions are:

Why is Yahoo Briefcase closing down?
I dont know.

Will I lose all my files?
Yes, if you dont download your files before end of March.

Can somebody suggest me an alternate service now?

Waiting for your suggestions…

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