Zong marketing team, getting REALLY short on ideas!

I remember Osama’s earleir post on Green & White, that talked about Zong’s advertisement campaign that used a stock image that was already used for a book’s cover. Well, that could be shortage of time and resources and somebody at Zong marketing department went to istockphotos and bought an image for the campaign (I hope they bought it). 

This time around though, Zong marketing has proved that not only they have run out of ideas, they have started stealing them as well. Zong’s recent advertisement running on almost all tv channels has a scene copied from Jim Carrey’s movie Bruce Almighty (2003).
See for yourself :

Could you expect such an open plagiarism from a telecommunication company that has already been accused of lacking quality in its ads and being sarcastic at other telcos directly or indirectly in their ads. Well, Zong really needs a strong and creative team like the one running Ufone‘s show these days.
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