My power bill on the rise

Either LESCO has gone crazy or I’ve forgot my high school maths. I got my electricity bill and without calculating I could see that it was wrong. Well yes, LESCO tariff has changed and electricity cost has increased as per government announcements, but even with the higher expected costs, following case is not acceptable.

Following is a snippet of a correctly calculated bill. (This is a few months old bill).

If you cant read the calculation, it is 100 x 3.080 + 200 x 2.080 + 599 x 6.53.
That totals to 5035 and is correctly stated on the bill (second value from top left).

Now my current bill comes and the unit details are as follows:

Again the calculation goes like:
100 x 3.750 + 200 x 4.910 + 700 x 7.36 + 166 x 8.62
This is equal to 7939.

Well, the bill is actually showing 9362. Thats over-charging worth Rs. 1423. Well, this is just the electricity cost, and the actual payable is after putting taxes and surcharge on top of this.

This is insane. Can somebody solve the myth and tell me why 7939 is equal to 9362 in my bill?

Cricket is so important

As I watch this semi-final of national 20-20 series in Gaddafi stadium, Lahore, I feel so great looking at this large crowd.

A nation that is so short on entertainment and so high on tension and depression from all sorts of problems is enjoying an evening of relief.

Despite the fact that the match is not as interesting as a usual 20-20, spectators are celebrating every bit of it. Festivals, sports, exhibitions, dramas, movies and all sort of entertainments, that have been part of usual Lahore life have died down to silence not only due to the law and order situation and continued bomb blasts but due to the poor economic condition of the country as well.

I hope things keep going like this and we get back to same old Lahore that is home to dozens of festivals and activities.

Knight Rider is back …

I just dont believe this. I find myself excited knowing that Knight Rider series is returning this Sept on NBC. And I like the looks of the new kitt as well. Its a pretty Mustang named KITT 3000.

You can know more about the series on NBC’s website. They have alot of stuff including bios, downloadable contents and the full episodes as well.

Here comes the trailer …

Actually NBC aired a movie in February and now they’ve started it as a series. The only episode they’ve aired so far is available on their website 🙂

Lets go watch it!

CNN Mobile application – not for my region.

CNN has been available through thier WAP site but I found availability of CNN Java application very interesting for my mobile. When I try downloading, it says its not available in your region.

That really pisses me off. All your content are available through the website in all regions, whats wrong with the mobile app?

You see the details about this app here

Think no evil

If you feel like killing your boss
You like an expensive item in a shop so much that you wish you could steal it
You feel you could hijack the plane and could fly to your hometown now,

don’t think that way.

Now someone can read your mind and can convict you of thinking so bad. Were’nt you planning a criminal act in your mind?

Well, US security departments are working on this science project and the test results are promising. In public places like airports, security scanners will read your pulse rate, skin temperature, facial expressions and breathing rates and can detect you as a person who may commit a crime in the near future.

So keep your thoughts straight and dont mess with those you don’t like even in your thoughts.

Does that remind you of a movie?

See the news post here.