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Is Windows XP the right OS for ATM machines?

ATM machines running on Microsoft Windows based machines have been causing issues to customers. Windows are not 100 percent reliable and by nature they are interactive software. Mouse and keyboard are assumed essential UI devices . This atm also shows some error on screen that cannot be responded to without a mouse and leaves this […]

All new BlackBerry web-kit browser – Video

I’m waiting for this browser to be out soon. Though BlackBerry browsers have grown significantly decent in terms of performance and capability, web-kit browser show in this video is a big leap both in terms of performance and capability. Obviously RIM has a tough competition out there 🙂 Source:

Go green – Guides to green home computing and Green SME computing

This page will serve as an index to our environment friendly posts focused on green computing. Power Consumption – Laptops are Better than Desktops Monitor power consumption – CRT vs LCD How much power does my computer consume Power saving for green computing Green way of shopping online – Go-Green – What is it […]

Power saving for green computing

Green computing is about environment friendly ways of computing including materials used in construction, ways of use to improve power efficiency and conserve resources and once the divce has reached the end of useful life, dispose It off or recycle it in an environment friendly manner. While we will discuss other aspects on the blog […]

Take a photo and buy the item from Amazon. Just amazing!

Amazon shopping app fro BlackBerry has long been optimized for mobile experience but today I came across this interesting app by for BlackBerry devices. You simply go to and it offers you to download the app. The app is simple to install and use. It has normal options of searching products, reading […]

BerrySnooper – A Walkthrough

BerrySnooper is a BlackBerry software that allows you to find your lost BlackBerry or stolen blackberry. This post is a walkthrough of BerrySnooper, how it works and what are the restuls. BerrySnooper can be downloaded from BerrySnooper’s website. The setup is simple and straightforward and download is available over the air. Once you purchase and […]