Google Voice, One number for all your calls, sms, voicemail and much more …. totally free!

I’ve been waiting for Google Voice to launch since Google acquired GrandCentral exactly two years ago. The service will allow you to redirect all your voice calls and text messages to one number. Depending on your preferences, you can then configure this number. Calls will land on your global Google Voice number and that can ring all your registered numbers like your office, home or cell number. See the features video below:

This is not it, the service is a bunch of amazing facilities that adds to the value of this service. For a list of detailed features, see this page.

Google says, the service should be open to public within a matter of weeks, but the site has been saying this for quite some time now. I hope this time comes soon. So if you are in US or you have a US number, simply go to this presignup page and Google will let you know as soon as the service is available.

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