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Google Voice – No more free internationl SMS

I covered it earlier that Google Voice offers unlimited SMS worldwide. I think somebody in Google read our post and took the action. International SMS are not going out anymore. Google Voice is officially available in US only and you can sign up for an account only if you areĀ  in US and you register […]

Voice recognition put to the right use – Youtube updates

Google announces two new features of its already popular YouTube service. The new features are: Auto Caption: If your video has English conversation or commentary, YouTube will attempt to make subtitles out of it and show at the bottom of the screen. Auto timing: In case you want to upload your own captions in text, […]

Google Voice, One number for all your calls, sms, voicemail and much more …. totally free!

I’ve been waiting for Google Voice to launch since Google acquired GrandCentral exactly two years ago. The service will allow you to redirect all your voice calls and text messages to one number. Depending on your preferences, you can then configure this number. Calls will land on your global Google Voice number and that can […]