Send Free Text Worldwide. Free SMS for life

This sounds too good to be true but things are moving in that direction. To promote the use of text messages on cell phones in my country, I remember cell phone operators were giving free SMS to subscriber around a decade ago. Once they started using it, it has never been free.

Today I will tell you a very simple method of sending free text messages to any phone, anywhere in the world. There’s no restriction how many messages you send but I recommend you use this service wisely and don’t lose the duck that lays golden eggs.

This is not going be surprise for some that this free world-wide sms service is being given by nobody else but Google. Free text messages is one of the feature of Google Voice that has not been talked about much. If you succeed in getting a Google Voice account, you can send out international text to your friends and family. Following are the steps that allow you to send free SMS to any number in the world.

Free SMS for Life

Step 1: Google Voice is still invite only. Goto and request an invite.
Step 2: You will have to wait for some time till you get the invite email, but it’s worth the wait. Once you have the invite email, sign-up for the service immediately. 🙂
Step 3: Log-on to the service and send free SMS. This apparently is your free outgoing text message account for life.

If you are outside US or Canada
Google Voice is available for US and Canada users only for now. If you are living outside US/Canada, you can read this tutorial to figure out how you can sign-up for Google Voice outside US/Canada.

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